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Our Vision & Keys to Success

Mission Statement
  • Zouki stands for integrity, generosity, and quality without compromise.
  • We are dedicated to elevating the products and services available to consumers in the healthcare environment to unparalleled levels of excellence.
  • As innovators and retail/hospitality professionals, we shall provide the benchmark for our industry through careful matching of our resources with customer needs; continuous improvement; social responsibility; and commitment to superior standards in design, development and operation
Our Vision  
  • To float the company, to give the public the opportunity to share in the success and growth of Zouki;
  • To be industry leaders in retail and hospitality - promoting quality and affordability with a focus on variety, freshness and service;
  • To use our experience in accommodating the hospital consumer’s dietary, budgetary, religious and cultural requirements to expand into new markets that will most benefit from the healthcare context’s strict codes of hygiene and sensitivity to individual needs.
Our Goals 
  • To improve the visibility of our philanthropic efforts through print and electronic media in FY2009-10 to encourage a 10% increase in community involvement with local hospitals;
  • To grow our business by 30% before December 2010 by capitalising on the variety of opportunities identified in consultancy and cafe/retail development and operation across Australia and the Middle East;
  • To extend our niche market penetration into each Australian state and territory before July 2011;
  • To establish our reputation amongst the top 10 corporate caterers in Australia’s major cities by December 2012.
Our Values 
  • Our staff are our greatest asset;
  • Passion, professionalism, family values and commitment to excellence;
  • Understanding the need to give back to the communities that support our businesses through local employment and supply opportunities, philanthropy, and the flexibility to adapt our products and services to meet the market’s ever-changing needs;
  • Social responsibility and financial viability through integrity in our relationships with shareholders, employees, customers, landlords, and suppliers. 


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