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Zouki Entertainment is a company formed in search of an approach to bring comfort and joy to patients while spending time in hospital rooms.

The intended proposal is to offer portable Entertainment units to patients staying in hospital to help pass the time while waiting to be discharged.

These units will allow patients to watch the latest DVDís, have over 100 games to choose from, all whilst listening to their favourite music.

Project Objective

Zouki Entertainmentís main objective is to look at the stay in hospital from a patients perspective, where every second feels like a minute and every minute feels like an hour.

Zouki Entertainment, using todayís advanced technology is proposing a new method to make not only time pass by quicker but to also make the hospital stay that little bit more enjoyable. Whether that would be for the patientís enjoyment or their associated family.

The concept of the project is to provide the patients & their families with the ability to feel that rather then staying in a hospital bed they are staying in a 5 star hotel. The unit will be designed to allow patients to watch their favourite T.V shows, movies and play games all from the comfort of their hospital beds.

Zoukiís objective is to provide people with something that is not only great for adults but also has many fun and entertaining features to keep children occupied and amused.


Zouki Smart Card
Zouki Smartcard
Buy now pay later.
Zouki Smart Card eliminates the need to carry cash.

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