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Cafe Hoz
Hot Food

Located within Building 2 on the Ground Floor of Canberra Hospital

Cafe Hoz at Canberra Hospital is a culinary gem that caters to the diverse tastes and needs of hospital-goers. This versatile cafe boasts a comprehensive menu featuring premium coffee, an array of beverages, fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, hot food, and convenient snacks. From the early hours of breakfast to the late hours of dinner, Cafe Hoz remains open seven days a week, ensuring accessibility to its varied offerings throughout the week.

The cafe’s thoughtful design provides an inclusive experience with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Whether patrons prefer a quiet corner for reflection or a social space to connect, Cafe Hoz accommodates all preferences. With a commitment to convenience and satisfaction, the cafe extends its open hours on weekdays until late and maintains its welcoming atmosphere on weekends. Cafe Hoz stands as a vital culinary hub within Canberra Hospital, offering nourishment, comfort, and a hospitable environment for all seeking a moment of respite.

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