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Ensuring Food Safety and Operational Excellence: Zouki’s Approach

Ensuring Food Safety: The Zouki Group’s Commitment

Discover how the Zouki Group prioritizes food safety through robust systems like HACCP and the innovative SIMPLE Food Safety System. From stringent supplier standards to real-time monitoring, Zouki maintains quality and safety at every step. With revamped labelling and menu optimization, we ensure transparency and compliance while prioritising staff and patron well-being.

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The Directors of the Zouki Group believe and have instilled throughout the group that quality & safety of the food supply is key to consumer, visitors, and staff sureness and that this further influences the belief and confidence held in trust by our valued customers.


The HACCP system has been successfully applied in different sectors of the food industry as a result the Directors of the Zouki Group insisted the same for their group. The system fits in well with modern quality and management techniques. In this environment we are also assured of receiving quality products matching their specifications through the “Approved Supplier Program. “Along with the safe manufacturing and servicing of our clientele ensuring a high standard of food safety is at the forefront of the group.


As part of the operational skills and to administer the entities professional system throughout the operation the Zouki Group has implemented a Codex Alimentarius HACCP based food safety program to ensure the receipt, storage, preparation, delivery, manufacturing, and service of consistent quality and safe food. 

In addition, to enhance and improve the systems functionality & efficiencies we have further amalgamated the online “live” system SIMPLE. The SIMPLE Food Safety System allows us to monitor in real time deliveries, production, cooking, cooling, and service, while offering a support program designed for each individual site.


Along with real time monitoring that allows control, it takes food safety to another level, authorising our quality assurance team and area / site managers, supervisors to visually identify and advise of any abnormalities in real time, anticipating the potential problems, initiating instant preventative actions to eliminate any potential problematic issues.


As part of this process, we took the opportunity to reinvent our labelling system updating each products label, meeting local and FSANZ Standards nationally. Each label now lists Name of product, Ingredients, Nutritional information, Place of manufacture, Use by date and importantly Allergens. Allergens plays a significant role towards keeping our patrons safe and informed while enhancing our food safety system.


Zouki have also reviewed and finalised our new catering menu and a 4-week rotation site menu having introduced new recipes while reviewing each existing recipe and reclassifying the same to meet the Healthy Choices Program nationally. Part of this process involved contracting Nutrition Australia to validate all recipe to a Red , Amber, or Green classifications, this is now displayed on each label. Further information is available at 


These concepts implemented by the group are far more assuring for controlling food safety hazards from supply / production through to consumption and are imbedded across the group.


It is essential that all operating Zouki sites and any new principal operations understand that they are required to continue with the current systems implemented throughout the group to ensure all methodology, implementation and training requirements are met and upheld for the benefits offered to all consumers.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

The Zouki Group has implemented the use of the onsite Occupational Health & Safety, OH&S, Programs integrated in sections into the HACCP System throughout all related sites includes but is not limited to:-

  • OH & S Instructions
  • OH & S Codes of Practice
  • Risk Assessments
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Environmental Legislation


Furthermore, each Sites Occupational Health & Safety Programs is always accessible, for all relevant advice, records and forms required for daily implementation updated in 2023. This publication online at site level, which includes COVID-19 operational & procedural changes to ensure ongoing conformance with changes in both national & local restrictions and preventative health & safety measures, further protecting the health & well being of all staff and patrons.