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Environmental Innovations: Sustainability at Zouki Group

Green Innovations: Cutting Waste and Boosting Sustainability at Zouki

At Zouki Group we are dedicated to environmental sustainability through initiatives such as fully biodegradable packaging and segregated waste disposal systems. We prioritize eco-friendly suppliers, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Our adoption of innovative solutions reduces food waste and landfill contributions.

Read on to discover how Zouki strives to make a positive impact on the environment.

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Eco-friendly Packaging: A Step Towards Sustainable Consumption


The Zouki Groups range of packaging is fully Bio-degradable packaging with modern design and practical usage making it easy to implement segregated disposable within delegated waste containers at site level which allows user friendly, total recyclable waste segregation and disposal.


Packaging was sourced buy the Executive Director along with the Groups Quality Assurance Manager. Zouki has fully addressed the environmental impact relative to its full consumable product list.


This aspect of environmentally friendly consumables and packaging has been a major factor towards the introduction of a new Paper / Consumable approved suppliers for the group, including the replacement of single use plastics. Furthermore, at site level we have dedicated waste disposal stations with labelled ‘recyclable waste only’ , ‘Food waste only’ and we have implemented dedicated clear , biodegradable waste disposal rubbish bags allowing waste to be visually identified upon collection and making it easier to dispose of within the correct categories.


The ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT report presented to the board was a major characteristic towards the appointment of Lombard’s the Paper People as an approved supplier, among others.


In  fact, the  Directors at Zouki  approved the supply contract relative to factors on Environmental Impact, furthermore and without question, showing the indicative and symbolic commitment of the Zouki Group towards sustaining the environment and its natural resources.


This is an example of the depth and passion shown by the company. Allowing natural, fresh ecologically aware, Bio-degradable producers , suppliers and manufactures into our approved supplier program CODEX HACCP approved Based Business.


 Below examples of approved suppliers nationally for reasons outlined and further enhances the dedication and emphasis the Zouki Group has relative to sustainability. Moving forward further advancements and new suppliers to be introduced meeting such criteria.


All chemicals implemented are environmentally friendly working in conjunction with ‘Dominant Chemicals’, a well-respected company known for its professionalism and willingness to collaborate with their clients to provide the best relative products as needs- in our case environmentally friendly and Bio- degradable.


Below links to their involvement in world earth day and world water day


‘Lombard’s the paper people’ work in conjunction with Zouki nationally sourcing consumables to our specifications ensuring all products are environmentally friendly and Bo- degradable and now successfully replacing all single use plastics as part of our long-term relationship supplying environmentally friendly and Bo- degradable consumables nationally.

ORCA: Revolutionizing Food Waste Management for a Greener Future


Innovative food waste solutions moving forward.

ORCA is an innovative food waste solution Further to this the company has pursued and tested  the ORCA Waste Management Systems. The introduction of this system is not only environmentally friendly but dramatically lowers the level of waste currently being g sent for land fill. ORCA technology simply mimics a natural digestion process. It works using the same principles that our body, and other living organisms are governed by. ORCA creates the perfect thermophilic biological environment for the microorganisms to digest food waste into a liquid.

ORCA is a hyperlocal, distributed alternative to the traditional truck and bin collection systems.


Food Waste Reduction

It’s compact, efficient, clean, and undeniably green.

We know recycling is most efficient when done on-site. This technology works on-site in our organization to digest
food waste within 24 hours, drastically reducing the overall tonnage your waste disposal company needs to take to
the landfill, and the Labour required to haul trash bags to the garbage.

THE ORCA UNIT is operating in over a dozen countries and hundreds of properties worldwide.

WASTE INPUTS:-  Compatible food waste is loaded into the ORCA unit on-site.

MICROORGANISMS :- ORCA’s proprietary Biochips and microbial mixtures are added.

OXYGEN:- Aerobic digestion begins once oxygen from the air is introduced to the mixture.

BREAKDOWN:- Food waste is digested within 24 hours, reducing it into a liquid.

 DISCHARGE:- Liquid is filtered safely through a 0.5mm screen into existing   plumbing infrastructure.


As Zouki have trialled the ORCA System in one of our main high-density outlets with successful outcomes the future maybe to further explore this system as a long-term solution relative to our food waste and the breakdown of such products, further confirming our commitment and continuing our leadership role towards protecting the environment and looking at enhancing our status relative to sustainability.​